Past Projects

Totally Outright participants have developed and delivered a number of important community health projects over the years. Below are two examples from one Totally Outright delivery partner, EMHC:

“FFS: Stigma Isn’t Sexy”

In 2016, in partnership with Resist Stigma, EMHC Totally Outright participants created a video to address stigma and discrimination on dating and hookup apps. Modelled after Jimmy Kimmel’s “Mean Tweets” the video was intended to shine a light on some of the harmful messages received by minority communities on many of these apps and ways that we can work together to hold one another accountable and do better.


“Queer & Trans Fitness Accessibility”

In 2017, Edmonton Totally Outright participants identified queer and trans barriers to physical fitness as an important health issue they wished to addressed. Working with a variety of community and fitness space partners, EMHC Totally Outright participants planned and delivered a free group fitness program for queer and trans community members. In the following years, the program expanded to include the development of audit tools to assess the inclusiveness of fitness spaces and LGBTQ2S+ competency training for fitness professionals.